LGBT or Christian?

This may also be read here – I wish to start this article off by saying that I am a transgender woman, I am an Eastern Learning Pagan Spiritualist, and I have all my life supported the Democrats while demonizing the Republican Party in addition to the Libertarian Cult of Ayn Rand. Please keep this […]

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So I Discovered Fran Bow

An alternate version of this article can be found at – So we’re half-way through October and that means if you haven’t found yourself a good Horror Game to play or if you aren’t nose deep in your favorite online game’s Halloween Event you’re likely in a bit of a hurry to find something to […]

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Gary Andrews:Ace Attorney

I recently learned that a cartoon made in the early 2000’s called “Gary The Rat” which has a furry tf based plot that actually takes itself somewhat seriously not only exists, but apparently I went back in time and wrote it while drunk! That’s really the best explanation I have for this hidden gem that probably […]

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